The Lions Science


the old, the past, the once before
find out how to close the door
the layers of our memories
the oldest, learning how to breathe

so minds fill up on common guilt
theres hate outside the windowsill
but simple love lurks out there too
is there room? its up to you

common ground, i think weve found
the days pass by, we remember. we survive.

the here, the now, were living in
be us present souls just a wanderin
we open boxes see new things
believing is so hard for human beings

so minds fill up on mystic thoughts
theres truth out there and it is sought
the lies were fed with golden spoons
will you believe? its up to you

let us learn from our mistakes
it so simple
make sure to use your gifts
to their potential
and so it goes.. we communicate. so that we all. can speak of this…

the then, the next, the future is
so surely what we make of it
are there ways to reach it quicker when
using magnets gates and light travlein

so minds fill up on move forward, how?
theres noting wrong with the here and now
live in the moment, look for clues
save your future. its up to you