The Lions Science


this communication sphere, we all live in
the third one from the sun, it took a spin
some passengers on board, some to depart
some waiting at the gate, to gain a heart

and if we never speak out loud, we wear our own disguise
and if we always spit out words, we seek a place to hide

this communication sphere, is being gazed upon
not by any watchful eye, not by the gods
but by others instruments, for seeking life
and beyond the equator, The Lions Science lies

this communication sphere, divulge ideas within
find meaning in the patterns that have always been
be creative with your thoughts, and with your words
make them alive and real, youll get what you deserve

this communication sphere, which we drift upon
has many wondrous creatures, upon its lawn
and its oceans vast, and in the skies
we are simple occupants, who needs a reason why?