The Lions Science


the first is the fools day
to trick you, treat you, to surprise your way
you rip your mind out pondering things
wonderin what the days will bring

if you feel incomplete, stand tall on both your feet
raise your hands up in the air, have nothing of a care.. for their lies.

day two, the crystal ball
like the mirror on the wall
gives insight into worlds unknown
hoping most you wont be overthrown

cant believe all the things your hear, cant trust anyone you fear
just do what you can to see, whatever will be, will be, will be.. in the end.

on the third day you shall rise again
not like jesus or we'd sing our hymns
glance around see things in your new way
currency or love which will you pay

every limb is bound to fall, in time you can fix a wall
live with reason, live with peace, in time hearts will release.. all their love.

here comes.. the dark brigade. the dark brigade strikes again.

day four, believe the lore
the past creeps up on your thats for sure
live in the present for the future age
and time will tell you when to fill your grave

every day wont be the same, ups and downs just play the game
after storms the birds do sing, thats what they say to me.. their no fools.