The Lions Science


whoaa i was rollin along
siftin through the thoughts of the last thirty minutes or so

whoaa i was feelin so free
til somethin round the corner hit me really psychedelically

well, i hope the shoe does fit
its yours and yours alone
we're standing at the edge
of insanity to calm
this battle isnt over
its really just begun
it continues when you breathe

whoaa i was sleepin so sound
not tossin and a turnin, just wake in my head somehow

whoaa these abstract thoughts
my soul, the brains chemicals, the other chemicals that i bought

when i think whats left behind
i dont mind
doesnt matter that much to me
i'd do it again
precious memories my friends

whoaa i woke up to the world
this place seemed different but i knew that id been here before
whoaa ill have the morning meal
the biscuits and the gravy cant make last night less real