The Lions Science


find your nectar, that brings you happiness
let it soak in, be at rest

just take care not to indulge, in too many forbidden fruits
around each turn so many treasures, in our findings lie the truth

there all around us!

can you place it? a word that someone said
might be the answer, to questions up ahead

lets beware of all that surrounds us, let us take in every breath
at times the meanings are not known.. rest assured, we'll find them yet

tell me kind sir, is it worth it?
the price to pay to gain entrance

on down the roads we wander, bumping into buried pasts
if you find you need direction, dont you hesitate to ask

they're all round us!

so much for the serum that shall heal us
the nectar of the gods is not for our personal use
a distilled liquid and a bitter pill
is what we get to climb the hills
on a quest to find that healing light
a liquid bright to calm and make it right