The Lions Science


every little pattern makes us believe
in flow of future, time to feed
from the hand that gives us bread to eat
water into wine sounds so damn nice to me

if i gave up all my worry
would the evil keep at bay for me
ive shrugged it off, ive spit it out
and its the time now.. to release

all those little head trips make our dreams
papers and pills, pleasures that we seek
before we lose our minds or find something else to be
a little brain damage sounds so damn nice to me.. to me

all the symptoms make it sooooo.. blurry
wont you kind beings fight them off with me
into the sky, beyond the stars, to the next galaxy
andromeda.. you see

all these notes they make us sing
these silly little tunes that only hope to bring
a drop of peace to mystery of destiny
just make a little music sounds so damn nice to me.. to me

the worry turns me inside out
the worry flips me upside down
the worry turns my life around
the worry makes me who i am