The Lions Science


as i sip on the anejo
i sit back and watch the day go
with pablo, pancho, paco, pueblo
y con mi amigo el diablo

the sun sinks into the west sky
colors of day fade into night
the time it seems to roll by
birds of mind are taking flight

pondering the situation
you and i whats our relation
we always seem to run together
what does that really mean?

i guess it doesn't really matter
thoughts like ashes they will scatter
but ive gotta get my mind straight
before i run.. into the fire

as i sip on the anejo
i wonder where the hell'd the day go
pablo, pancho, paco, where is pueblo?
he ran off.. with el diablo

diablo stole from me before
those times are gone and nevermore
he was seized and questioned, why?
to find.. the center of his mind

did he hang on to his feelings?
did he lie awake at night?
did he lock the door behind him?
did he pull this shades down tight?

now i know nothing is given
but my heart i know it's true
finally ive found conclusions
and through pueblo.. ive found you